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We want your Dixi newels to live a long and happy life, so it's important that you do your bit to take good care of them. We've compiled this comprehensive jewellery care guide of our tried and tested tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Dixi pieces!


  • Put your jewellery on LAST thing in the morning and take your jewellery off FIRST at night.
  • Store your jewels in an airtight container / zip lock pouch
  • Regularly clean your jewels
  • Ask for assistance doing up bracelets / necklaces if you struggle with this!
  • Save your luxury pieces for occasional wear.


  • Do not let your jewellery come into contact with hand sanitiser (this will damage any antiqued details as well as wear at the adhesive used to set stones into place)
  • Don't pull at delicate necklace / bracelet chains
  • Don't let your jewellery come into contact with moisture, cosmetics, cleaning chemicals or any other liquids
  • Don't wear your jewels when doing strenuous work or sports
  • Don't store your jewellery in the bathroom or in direct sunlight

For best care of your jewels, please make sure to take your jewels off for tasks that may mean your hands are:

  • in contact with water and/or other substances, such as cleaning, swimming and bathing (we would also recommend this with sterling silver as many of our pieces contain natural stones and/or antiqued detailing to set the features off and we'd hate for you to damage these).
  • during sports activities
  • when going to bed
  • when opening tough bottles or jars
  • when lifting anything heavy
  • or when you are going to be doing strenuous work with your hands

But why? The metals we use in our jewellery are designed to be very durable, but things like contact with moisture, cleaning chemicals, and/or other lotions/perfumes can easily damage them and compromise the integrity of your special jewel. Sterling silver is also a 'soft' metal and retains a level of malleability (it's 92.5% pure silver) so can become misshapen or damaged if not properly cared for when worn. We love antiquing many of our pieces to set off the delicate detailing so also take care to keep cleaning substances away from these areas.

It is also really important to put your jewels on last in the morning, and take them off first before getting changed in the evening to avoid clothing snagging and damaging your jewellery and/or clothes.

Has your brand new Dixi necklace arrived on a black Dixi backing card? We recommend cleaning your necklace before wearing it for the first time, just to prevent any transfer from the ink in the card! These cards are designed more for gifting/presenting and aren't suitable for long term storage of your jewels, so to keep them at their best make sure to pop them in a suitable airtight storage box or sealable pouch when not being worn.