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  • Vintage Inspired Autumnal Acorn Leaf Sterling Silver Necklace by Shop Dixi
  • The Soul Of The Forest Necklace | Talent Scout Design
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  • Nature Inspired Acorn Necklace from Shop Dixi

The Soul Of The Forest Necklace | Talent Scout Design


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Designed as the perfect companion to the magical Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Ring. With its matching oak leaf sterling silver detailing, it keeps the squirrels tiny acorn safe in its grasp. Keep your love of nature close to your heart with this mystical, witchy addition to your gothic jewellery wardrobe.

This hand features antiqued detailing including light imperfections as with our own hands. It does not have a polished look but rather a raw organic feel. Read more about the design process here.

The Design
Designed by Emilie-Jane Osborne as part of our Dixi Talent Scout Competition and brought to life with love in collaboration with Dixi & Chaser Spaeth @aseriesofsteps

As a limited edition design, discounts are not valid on this very special piece.

Pendant - Sterling Silver
Chain - Rhodium Plated Mixed Metal Alloys

Chain Length - 14-17" [Adjustable Extender Chain]
Pendant Front - Height 20mm


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