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  • Sleepy Fox #10 | Winter's Tale Window Locket Necklace Special
  • Sleepy Fox #10 | Winter's Tale Window Locket Necklace Special

Sleepy Fox #10 | Winter's Tale Window Locket Necklace Special

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"Harm none, do what you will." engraved locket.

You will receive the exact locket shown arriving complete in a Gift Box. This Locket has been specially prepared with love. You can add / remove the contents at anytime. If you find contents have moved in transit please lay the locket flat, open gently and adjust inserts with tweezers. Always handle the dried flowers by the stem as they are delicate.

Please note discounts are not applicable on these lockets. These necklaces have been specially prepared and gift wrapped by the Dixi Ladies and are non refundable.

Meet the Magical Sleeping Fox Locket Necklace filled with dried flowers and mushroom. This enchanting detailed pendant is sure to bring a touch of magic to your life and keep your treasures close to your heart. 

"If it harms none: the saying “if it harms none, do what you will.” Is a saying some witches and wiccans follow during their magical practices. This saying was first heard when it was put into the infamous wiccan rede some wiccans follow as law. It means not to manipulate or cause harm anywhere down the line in their witchcraft or even just day to day life. Some like to apply this just to their everyday life including people, animals and all living things, even though its not a rule for all wiccans and witches." - Harmony Nice

Plated Mixed Metal Alloys
Glass - Please take care when wearing and handling!

Chain Length - 16" + 4" Adjustable Extender Chain
Pendant Front
- Height 40mm

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