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Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Wreath Ring | Talent Scout Design


Greek: Squirrel comes from 'skiouros,' which is derived from 'skia,' meaning 'shadow,' and 'oura,' meaning 'tail.'

Meet your new best friend, the Sleeping Shadow Tail statement ring. Curled in a wreath of oak leaves, this little guy is going to awaken your Autumn heart every day of the year. This is a true Dixi statement ring to complete your witchy nature-inspired jewellery collection. This ring features antiqued detailing including the band. It does not have a polished look but rather a raw organic feel. Read more about the design process and our squirrel friends here.

Please reference the sizing below so you can see how it will look on your finger. Images shot on model size xs / s finger size. 

The Design
Design by Nina Pfeiffer as part of our Dixi Talent Scout Competition and brought to life in collaboration with Dixi, Chaser Spaeth @aseriesofsteps, along with our CAD master Caroline.

As a limited edition design, discounts are not valid on this very special piece.

Sterling Silver

Ring Sizes Available - 15.75mm [USA 5], 16.25mm [USA 6], 17.5mm [USA 7], 18.25mm [USA 8], 19mm [USA 9], 20mm [USA 10], 20.5mm [USA 11]
Ring Front - Height 15mm

Only 32 left in stock!

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