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The Aromatic World of Incense

Posted on March 11 2020

Awoo Dixi Fam,

We are super excited to be bringing one of our favourite things to the shop - incense! The idea of you opening your Dixi mail, getting cosy and lighting a candle and incense while you open your newest treasures really makes us happy. 

For centuries, incense has been used in rituals, spells, and ceremonies to amplify their strength and offer additional healing benefits. But you don't need an excuse to enjoy their soothing fragrance. We often like to burn some incense in our office when we want to make the atmosphere a little more tranquil and a little less stressful!

One of our favourite Incense brands is Stamford (they are so affordable!), and our favourite scents include Opium, Dragon's Blood, White Sage, and Witches Curse.

Benefits of our chosen Incenses
White Musk - A calming fragrance that is truly an all-rounder. Let it wash away feelings of stress and anxiety, and restore some balance and order into your space. 
Cinnamon - A warming spice, perfect for making your space feel cosy and safe. Cinnamon is related to the Fire element, making this incense ideal for burning during love spells and attracting wealth and psychic protection.
Amber - Another warming, and cleansing scent. Associated with the air element, and perfect for using during meditation sessions.
Sandalwood - A smooth and woody scent, Sandalwood is related to both the Fire & Water Element. It is said to be good to burn before going to sleep for a restful night.
Vanilla - A familiar and soothing fragrance that is said to help clear your thoughts and sharpen your mind. Vanilla is related to the element of Air.

Burning your incense
1. Light the end of the incense stick, or the top of the cone. You can use a match or a lighter - we like to use a safety / rechargeable lighter with an extra long metal shaft to keep our fingers away from the flame!
2. Let the flame burn and wait for it to glow orange (usually about 10 seconds). Sometimes it will extinguish itself. If it doesn't, very gently blow out the flame.
3. The incense should now have an orange ember glowing at the end/top and be starting to smoke. If it hasn't lit and has gone black, you'll need to start again.

Common sense tips, but PLEASE (!) remember:
• Always make sure to place your stick/cone on a fire proof surface (such as a ceramic tile or candle plate), or use a holder designed for incense. 
• If you don't have a holder, you could remove the wax from a used candle jar and use this.
• Never leave your incense burning unattended.
• Keep it out of reach of flammable surfaces, away from curtains, paper, fabrics, as well as small children, and your pets.
• Save it for occasional use, not every day.
• Burn in a well ventilated room, and don't inhale the smoke.
• Keep the smoke and incense away from your pets, they probably won't appreciate the nice smells anyway! 

You can find our (small) range of incenses in our Home Decor & Accessories section here. We'd love to expand this range, so which fragrances and incenses do you love and always go back to? Let us know in the comments below! 

Love, your Sisters at Dixi x


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