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UK & USA SHIPPING ONLY AT THIS TIME. We will be back open worldwide soon.


Posted on December 22 2020

Ahwoo Dixi Fam,

Imagine a world in which these shipping changes and updates don't need to happen every other day. Maybe this time next year :')

We are really sorry to have to let you know that our shipping provider Royal Mail have

temporarily suspended international shipments to countries in the EU.

This suspension is affecting ALL postal providers, and all businesses like ours. At this time we do not know how long these restrictions will be in place, but we will be updating our Shipping Pages and Instagram stories as and when new information comes to us. You can read the Royal Mail International Mail bulletin for any > other updates here. <


What if I have already ordered?

As far as we are aware, parcels that have already been shipped will continue on their way to you - but may experience ongoing delays, and they may be held securely at delivery depots for a time. Please allow plenty of time for delivery (up to 60 business days), and regularly check the tracking page provided. We only have access to the same tracking information as you, and we cannot provide further updates.


We will also be reviewing EU shipping at the beginning of January in light of the UK's complete transition from the EU - some big changes will be in place for us all and we know transparency about these changes will be hugely important to you. Please stay tuned for these updates.

Thank you

again for your patience and understanding while we navigate the uncertainty right now! 
Sending lots of love to our Dixi Family in the EU, we appreciate you!

Love, Amy, Vicky, Marianne, and Matt xxxx



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