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SALE NOTICE & THE FUTURE OF DIXI We are making room for a new chapter @ Dixi!

SALE NOTICE (and the future of Dixi!)

Posted on April 29 2022

With the BIGGEST sale of the year so far dropping on Sunday (10AM BST!) we wanted to have a quick chat about what to expect and the reasoning behind it, as it's a slightly different sale to what you have seen from us in the past and there is some reasoning behind the way we are doing this.

As we've mentioned in our Instagram stories, Dixi is changing. After a lot of thought, tears, stress, and deliberation, we've started to piece together how we want to see Dixi flourish in the next few years. We're following our hearts, and it's time for us to return to our roots.

We want to:

  • declutter the website & simply for your shopping experience
  • increase sustainability (not just production, but how we run as a business day-to-day)
  • be even kinder to the environment
  • downsize our inventory offering
  • create even more meaningful and enduring products
  • encourage mindful purchases (rather than impulse ones!) that become an 'experience' that you can get excited for every now and again
  • and of course continue to put all our heart into what we put out on our socials for your inspiration.

We've already begun making these changes for many years behind the scenes, but this big sale marks the start of the outward transition that you will start to see toward the end of the year when new lines arrive. 

The heart of this sale is a fond farewell and bon voyage to the last of the plated items in our inventory, including lots of our earrings and necklaces (although *lots* of our rings and other items are included in the discounts too!). Once these products are sold out - that is it. They won't ever be coming back, and they will become the jewels of Dixi legend. For all our releases going forward you can expect to see occasional (probably monthly) drops of 1 or 2 key pieces that we've put our heart and souls into - mainly sterling silver, but we hope to bring some more 9ct Gold into your stacks too!

We know a lot of you will be sad to see some of these cheaper lines go, and we're hoping that you may want to place a larger order before these lines are gone forever - perhaps stockpile some gifts to keep aside for birthdays and Christmas! So while you'll see a discount available for ALL* orders - the more you spend, the more you can save! It's a win-win both sides - we are *so ready* for our stock room to be cleared and say goodbye to these products, and you have the opportunity to get some major bargains and downsize your wish lists. We want to be able to put all our focus on the new products we have in the works for you!

We really hope you'll share our vision for the future and stick around, but no hard feelings if you don't! Not everyone will like this direction for us, but we know this is the right decision for Dixi. Either way, we truly hope you have some fun shopping this sale and can grab all those items that have been sitting patiently in your wish list!

Amy, Vicky, Marianne, and Matt

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  • S B : May 26, 2022

    I love these sentiments! Personally cannot wait to see less plated and more sterling silver jewellery. I adore your work and can’t wait to see the future product offerings.

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