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Another Shipping Update - July 2020

Posted on July 09 2020

Ahwoo Dixi Fam,

First, we'd like to apologise for being so quiet here the last few weeks! We have had the privilege of squirreling away behind the scenes, readying lots of exciting things that will be coming at the end of Summer / beginning of Autumn. If you follow us on Instagram, you know! But we will be back :)

We just wanted to check in and clarify a few things on our current shipping situation, and let you know what is going on with us.

As you may know, due to COVID-19 we are still unable to offer shipping to the following countries; Canada, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, France & Spain.  These restrictions were put in place by our shipping provider, and we have been monitoring the situation daily. Originally we had hoped to return our regular shipping options to everyone as soon as restrictions could be lifted, but after some consideration, we have to admit that this may not be the case.

We continue to run our office with reduced staffing, and the influx of extra orders would exceed what we can currently manage with only one person picking your orders, packing them, and sending them on their way; all while ensuring our website, admin tasks, inventory, social media etc are all looked after! (If you have ordered in the last few months, then you have Mama Bear Amy to thank for getting your order wrapped up with love and on its way to you with only a short delay, she has been a BUSY bee. If you read this make sure to hop onto the comments on Insta and tell Amy to make sure she takes a day off!) 

We really appreciate everyone's patience and support while things continue to be.. a bit weird, to say the least! We know it can be frustrating when you desperately want to get your hands on something and for some reason the company *just won't take your money!*. We hope you realise that this isn't the case. It would be irresponsible to overestimate what we can actually manage right now, take all of your orders and your hard-earned money, and then potentially leave you disappointed and waiting an extended period of time for your goodies. Not to mention that shipping prices have increased beyond belief in the last few months, so some consideration on the prices we can offer needs to be taken.

Our aim is to be able to reinstate our usual shipping in time for the magic we have planned for Autumn - so likely late summer at the absolute earliest. We won't make any promises right now, and will continue to take each day as it comes. But this is our hope!

Thank you ALL again for your continued love, understanding, and kind words! You're keeping every one of us going! Stay safe and look after each other,

Lots of love, your Sisters at Dixi xx


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